Executive Chef Ben Looney

Even at a young age Ben has always felt at home in the kitchen. Whether it's been assigning tasks as the former executive chef of Avesta Restaurant or just playing around in his own kitchen. Ben has previously run his own catering company and served as a private chef and personal assistant to a dear friend and retired Dallas oil man for the past 12 years. He received his culinary degree at the International Culinary School at the Art Institute of Dallas. 

Staying active has always been a way of life for Ben, When he's not training for his next triathlon he's outside getting in the some target practice with his bow. With a deep love and respect for God's creation, Ben believes that in order to truly appreciate the food on our table we must remain close to the source. His love of the culinary arts and active lifestyle has driven his passion to create food that is not only pleasant to the eye and taste buds but also great fuel for his active lifestyle.

If you would like to ask Chef Ben a culinary question, please email him at ben@theprovisionhouse.com