Our History

The whole story behind The Provision House began in 2014, well actually about a decade earlier. That's when Martye and Bart fulfilled a life long dream and purchased ranch land that they named the 2S Ranch.  It is located out near Palo Pinto, Texas. After healing the land and purchasing some cattle the family was in the ranching business. Well, specifically, my husband (Martye & Bart's middle son), Trent and Bart were up to their elbows in dirt and cow manure. It was in 2013 when Trent and I began pushing for the ranch operation to move into strictly a grass-fed/ grass-finished market and begin selling directly to consumers. Martye and Bart were a little skeptical at first, but after some time began to see the value in providing healthy beef to not only our family, but also other families. Before we knew it, the good ol' boys turned the ranch into strictly a grass-fed operation. Trent and I set up a website and social media outlets for the 2S Ranch and the family was now in the grass-fed/finished beef business. 

In early 2015, the 2S Ranch hosted it's first beef sale online. Within an hour, all of our beef was sold out! While that was exciting, we were fixin' to find ourselves in a pickle. Bart mentioned the dilemma we now found ourselves in. We sold all of this beef, how are we going to get it in the hands of  our new customers? We threw out several ideas.... maybe they pick up at our house?.... maybe they pick up at our local office in Richardson?.... Maybe we ship?.... None of these ideas were well embraced by all of us. That's when Bart suggested we have a small distribution store where our customers could pick up their beef. 

 It was Bart who said we should have a mind to name the store The Provision House. He explained that in the 1800's ranches had supply houses to store their provisions for the family, ranch and hired cowboys. And before we knew it, we opened The Provision House in the summer of 2015. 

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