Crazy Water / Texas Mineral Water

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 Sold by the box ~ 20 -12ounce GLASS bottles

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Choose your level of Crazy

Meet the only true Texas mineral water. Each bottle number varies in strength based on how deep they dig into the earth. No. 4 is sourced  at 120 feet, and  No. 3 at 360 feet

No. 4, Just Plain Loco, is crazy jam packed with minerals. Only 1-2 glasses daily is recommended because it's crazy strong.

No. 3, Slightly Wacko, provides that mineral-rich boost your body's craving. Sip throughout the day to get alkaline in no time.

No. 3, Bubbly and Minerally, for this fizzy favorite, crazy-tiny bubbles are added to No.3. Take a sip and see why it's the smoothest, most drinkable sparkling water out there. 


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