Whole Cow

$ 2,250.00 USD

We're sorry but this product is out of stock. Please check back with us soon.

Approximately 240lbs of 100% grass fed beef. The package includes:

  • 40 Ribeye Steaks (~10oz each)
  • 40 New York Strip Steaks (~10oz each)
  • 40 Sirloin Steaks (~10oz each)
  • 20 Beef Jerky (~4oz each)
  • 20 Chuck Roasts (~3lbs each)
  • 100 Ground Beef (~1lb each)

ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE D/FW AREA. Weights will vary. Order usually takes 4-6 weeks to fulfill. Place your order today, and we will contact you as soon as your order becomes available.

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