Whole Cow

Whole Cow

$ 2,800.00
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Package contains approximately 400lbs of 100% grass fed beef sold at over $500 below total retail value. This is a great package to feed your family for months, or for you and a few friends to share. The package will typically include:

  • 16 lbs Ribeye (bone-in or bone-less)
  • 8 lbs T-Bone
  • 4 lbs Tenderloin filets
  • 8 lbs New York Strip
  • 8lbs Skirt or Flank
  • 36 lbs Roast
  • 300 lbs Ground beef

Weights will vary. Order usually takes 4-6 weeks to fulfill. Place your order today, and we will contact you as soon as your order becomes available.